About Me

Hi, I’m Helen. First and foremost, I’m a mum, with three beautiful, very lively children. Myself and my husband run a business together from home and those two facts keep us pretty darn busy. So why why why have I decided to squeeze the Plastic Free Portal into my life??

It started as a simple conversation with my kids about how plastic is killing the turtles, followed by a frantic 30 minutes going through every cupboard in the house looking for the evil turtle killers in our home. I’ve spoken to a fair few people since then and so far, absolutely everyone has a desire to cut down on plastic, even if they’ve not done anything about it.

I figured I owed it to my kids, and to their future kids, to not just follow through on this myself, but also to help others do the same… and I guess it got a bit bigger than I’d realised.