Weleda Baby and Child Nappy Cream

A deep-nourishing and protective barrier cream with organic almond oil and precious organic calendula and chamomile extracts to provide gentle care and soothe the skin. Helps prevent soreness and reduce redness.

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Charlie Banana Washable Nappies – 6 Pack

These washable nappies have an insert that is unusually and cleverly removed from the front (rather than rear) which you appreciate with messy nappies! Designed for use on babies from 6 - 35lbs these are a great long term option and for those still not sure if they're completely ready for washables, you have the option of using disposable inserts to get you into the swing of things. There are lots of colour and pattern options - just follow the link and have a look around the site.

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Washable Cotton Baby Wipes – pack of 25

With recent publicity around the environmental impact of wet wipes and "fat burgs" these washable, cotton wipes are a winner; plus no nasty chemicals on baby's skin. The perfect size for nappy changes, keep slightly damp in a (non disposable) plastic bag and you're good to go - just take a spare bag for the used ones!

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Totsbots flushable liners

100 flushable liners for use with any washable nappy. These keep your washable nappies washable by ensuring you can flush and go with baby's done their worst.

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Washable Nappies – Set of 5

An award winning nappy, made in the UK and tying for first place on the ethical rating from Ethical Consumer. These nappies fit babies from 8 to 35lbs. Oh, and the bright cherpy colours are seriously cute.

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