Be part of the fight against plastic pollution

The plastic pollution problem is massive but I really believe there is hope.  I believe if we all act now, even just small changes, then our grandchildren will get to enjoy the oceans just as we can.  I do this because the thought of having to explain to future generations why I did nothing fills me with shame and I wont do it.

There is already way too much plastic in our oceans,  plastic that is so small it’s going to be seriously difficult to get it out.  But efforts are underway in so many places to reduce plastic use, find alternatives, legislate against production, prevent existing plastic entering the marine world and even to clear out whats there that we have to take hope. 

Each and every one of us can play a part.  With each plastic bottle you don’t buy, every time you refuse a plastic bag, or cutlery or unnecessary wrapping, every time you use foil (that you can wash easily then simply reuse) rather than cling film, with every little change you make in your daily habits, progress is made.  It adds up, that’s how things got so bad in the first place and that’s how each and every one of us can help to slow down this damage and turn things around.  We can all be anti-plastic super heros! 

I’m working hard to make it easier to switch to plastic free products and if you just want to get on with it, follow this link

If you’re still after inspiration, to know that while you are reducing your contribution to the problem, others are working to reduce the impact of what’s already there, take a look at this.  Its just one example of the many thousands of initiatives out there – the world is waking up.  Your actions may seem small but they are part of something massive.

This is one band wagon we should all be clambering to join.



Be the solution, the world will thank you xx

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