Be Part of The Solution to #PlasticPollution

It’s so easy to think that changes we make individually are insignificant, just a drop in the increasingly plastic ocean. But what if some of those steps are genuinely part of a massive movement?  What if you could spend £1, buy a gift for a loved one and know that, not only is that gift made of recycled material (meaning it’s no longer causing harm) but that the profit from it is actively funding ocean clean ups around the globe?

I love these guys.  Two surfers sat watching fisherman haul rubbish from the sea in Bali and rather than just decide to cut down on their own plastic footprint, they decided to find a way to actually remove some of the rubbish that’s already out there floating in our seas. 4Ocean was born.   At time of writing, these little bracelets have funded the removal of 317, 590 lbs of rubbish from the oceans.  There’s a live counter on the website so that figure may well be bigger by the time you read this!

These bracelets are going on my wish-list-gift-list (I don’t actually have one of those but I think I will start one).  Such a small amount of money to be part of such a big movement – there’s a section to volunteer on the site too if you want to get involved in the clean up itself.

Oh, I forgot to say, they’re really quite lovely too:


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