“Dishwashing Fail” or “Pride comes before a fall”

Week two of my plastic reduction mission; I’m out of dishwasher tabs and I’m sure the only plastic free option here will be from a small eco supermarket somewhere.  I was pondering this walking round Waitrose when I spotted the Waitrose Essential Dishwasher Tabs – in a cardboard box; who knew!?!

Well, at this point I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself.  Turns out, cutting the plastic isn’t going to be as hard as I thought.  I am in fact so pleased with myself that for once, I accept the free coffee which I get with the loyalty card and walk out of the store with my halo shining for all to see.

As I sip the coffee I suddenly realise that I am holding a disposable coffee cup – I know these are a huge no-no due to the way the plastic is used within them and as the plastic lid hits my lip my falling halo almost knocks it from my hand.

I guess it’s going to take me a little longer to fall in step with my new anti-plastic (or at least, anti single use plastic) life.

(p.s. when I get home, I open the box to find each tab individually wrapped in plastic.  Ah well, if at first you don’t succeed…..)

2 thoughts on ““Dishwashing Fail” or “Pride comes before a fall””

Sarah Allen

It’s so tricky isn’t it! I need to find some plastic free eco dishwasher powder or tablets, been looking since the start of the year!


Waitrose and Sainsbury do dishwasher powder in a cardboard box – no plastic – which I always use.

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