Honey I Shrunk the Rubbish

I know this isn’t making me the most interesting person at the party but seriously guys, I shrunk the rubbish. I can’t stop talking about it – or looking at my near empty wheely bin. I’ve not been this proud since I put my three under two-year olds to bed on my own for the first time (although that still wins hands down as serious achievements go).

I have three children – now 7, 6 & 6 years old meaning there are five of us in the house. This caused a problem with the rubbish – we simply could not fit all our rubbish into a wheely bin so the council a few years back agreed it was unreasonable and gave us a double sized one.

This bin has been full to bursting every week since then. We even had the neighbour suggest kindly that rather than leave the over spill in bags on the floor, we put them into their bin.

Well, turns out, we and the council were wrong. It’s only been a few weeks since we started our anti-plastic regime; targetting the low hanging fruit – switching liquid soap, shampoo and conditioner for bars, swapping plastic jars to glass in the kitchen and changing from packaged meat to butchers direct into my own tuperware and,


My wheely bin is wondering what it’s done wrong to be so neglected.  I’ve switched to biodegradable bin bags which are more expensive but as I now hardly use any, even that is working out cheaper.  I’m feeling so pleased with myself I’m off to have a plastic free treat – thank goodness the big chocolate bars come in foil and paper!

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Sarah Allen

This is great, well done. I too am obsessed with rubbish!! I am actually looking forward to putting out my landfill bin to see how empty I have managed to keep it in three weeks!

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