How to cut plastic for free

If you’re interested in cutting plastic usage, there are things you can do now that are either free or will actually cut your normal spend.  Here is my list of the 5 things you can do NOW to get started:

Pack a bag

Plastic bags are a MASSIVE problem.  There are loads of little nifty bags that roll up tiny and fit in a pocket or handbag but if you don’t have one of them, then just wander over to your plastic bag mountain (you have one,  we all have one), pick a couple up and stick them in your bag.  Whilst you’re at it, throw at least 5 into the boot of you car.  DO IT NOW, or, if you’re not home, stick a reminder on your phone to do it later. Ta da – you are now ready to not take more plastic bags.

Plastic straws

Plastic strawsWhen you’re ordering a drink, remember to say “no straw please”.  Three little words is all it takes.  Ice cream milkshake? Those long metal spoons are better anyway.   If you have kids, tell them about it too – kids really get on board when they know that that straw could well end up stuck in a turtle’s nose!




CutleryCutlery Sign

Oh My God this drives me mad.  Did you know plastic cutlery is illegal in France?  When you’re grabbing the plastic bags from the bag mountain just wander over to the cutlery draw and grab a bit of cutlery for your bag and some for work.  Stick it in a little bag or something similar and away you go.


How many sinks are there in your house?  How many of those sinks have a plastic bottle with liquid soap in?  Hmm, remember as a child soap came in bar form?  Well, it still does, and it’s cheaper than the liquid ones, and it lasts Traditional bar of soaplonger, and if you get a little soap dish then it wont make a mess on your sink AND if you have kids, they wont pump half of it into the toilet to see the comedy foam effect on flushing!!


Using laundry liquid or gel or tabs?  They all come in big plastic containers.  Move your eyes just a little along the same shelf though and you’ll see the big cardboard boxes with washing powder in.  You don’t have to go to a specialist shop, you don’t have to change your brand and I have been seriously shocked by how much cheaper this works out for an outcome that is just as good.

So, if you can do those 5 things you’ve made a difference and less turtles will die.  Genuinely that simple.


3 thoughts on “How to cut plastic for free”


Very nice site. I think we all need to be aware of the contamination problem. I just saw somebody invented an edible water container, so plastic water bottles can be eliminated. We only have one planet to live in and we must take good care of it.


I think its great what you are doing, i actually watched the video of the turtle having a straw removed from its nostril,and it makes me sick that we are polluting our waters with a product that just does not break down, and is responsible for so many marine deaths,best of luck to you on your mission, i know i will be more careful with the plastic we use in our house hold Bryce

    Helen Wright

    Hi Colin, thanks for your comments and great that you’re looking at your plastic usage – when the product section is up and running then that should be much easier for you.

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