Please Sign to take a Stand on the Latte Levy

Everywhere we turn there seems to be more bad news on plastic pollution but it’s important to filter through the headlines to the facts below.  It looks like last week’s announcement that the government had rejected the “latte levy” was just a tiny bit premature.  In fact, the announcement indicated that they preferred incentive schemes for reuse over taxation on single use items  – which sounds great except all evidence shows that not to be nearly as effective.  It turns out, us Brits, although we quite like a discount, don’t really mind not getting one whereas we do object to a bleeding price hike – which is exactly why it will work.  



This is still under consideration and it’s time to let the government know where you stand.  I don’t use these cups but millions do – 7 million are used every day in the UK and less than 1% gets recycled.  Only 10% of the cost of disposing of these cups is met by the people who produce them which I take to mean that the poor tax payer is already paying for the rest.  Lets put this tax burden where it should be and end this madness.  It worked for plastic bags, it will work for disposable cups.

Sign the SumOfUs petition to ask the government to look at this again.  Make your voice heard.


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