The lazy person’s guide to environmentally friendly, sparkling taps

Ok, this one is so stupidly simple it’s embarrassing.  Taps get dull for two reasons:

  1. Soap, which pretty much washes off with water and a very gentle rub and
  2. Limescale.

To get rid of limescale all you need is citric acid and a little bit of patience.  No nasty scrubbing required here at all – in fact, the last thing you want to do to shiny metal is scrub it.


  1. Get the spray bottle of citric acid you prepared earlier.
  2. Aim at the tap
  3. Pull the trigger a couple of times
  4. Retire for a cup of tea (this is a fairly common step in my cleaning routine!)
  5. Wipe off with a damp cloth

Ta da – sparkling taps 

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