The lazy person’s guide to environmentally friendly, sparkling toilets

So, you’ve got your citric acid ready to go, now to show you just how easy this can be.

Stage One

  1. Firstly, you’re going to let the citric acid and time do the work here so chose a time when the toilet wont be used – last thing at night or just before leaving the house are great.
  2. If there is lots of limescale in the base of the toilet then pump the brush up and down to lower the water level – you don’t need to do this every time but it helps when extra help is needed.
  3. Add some of the diluted citric acid.  I use a single cap full for a normal clean but two or more if a deeper is clean required.  Tip the citric acid so it flows around the bowl a little rather than straight into the water.
  4. Close the lid and leave it for at least two hours but I prefer overnight.  I also stick a box of bicarbonate of soda on top so that if hubby finds the loo before I’ve finish cleaning, he knows what to do.

Stage Two

  1. Sprinkle in some bicarbonate of soda, straight from the box.
  2. Watch the fizz – this is the magic bit.  The citric acid has loosened all the limescale and any dirt stuck to it.  The fizz from the bicarb will now lift all that loose limescale and dirt right off.  When the fizz has finished, if there is no powder at the bottom of the bowl add a little more bicarb and see if it fizzes again.  This is pure chemistry and the bicarb will continue to fizz up until it’s used all the citric acid you added in step one.
  3. Give it a quick once over with the toilet brush.
  4. Flush

That’s it, you’re done.  So simple and utterly effortless.

If the toilet doesn’t look clean then you needed more citric acid, simply add more of you diluted citric acid next time or add more citric acid to the solution you have.  Always dilute in warm water first though to make sure it dissolves properly.

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