The Mission

Going plastic free – or at least cutting down on the plastic we really really don’t need – shouldn’t be so hard. I thought I’d find all the answers in a single, simple place but seemingly, that place doesn’t exist, or it didn’t until now.

It also shouldn’t feel quite so “out there”. There is a reputation for anything vaguely “eco” that it really only works if you’re dressed in hemp cloth and preferably living an organic, vegan lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, full respect from me for all those hemp wearing vegans, (and I genuinely mean that) but it really just isn’t me. I’ve tried cutting down on meat – I never do very well. But this, this I’m doing, I’m cutting down on plastic.

More than that, my mission is to make it easier for others to do the same. I’ll say again


And that’s what this site is all about, to simplify the switch from plastic to non-plastic alternatives for everyone. If you want to get started, hit the “Products” link in the menu above and see how easy it is to make the switch…..