Yes, I am judging you

I know, you’re not meant to judge people. I know it means you’re not a very good person. But there you go, I guess I’m not a good person.  Because I really can’t stop myself on this one and if I’m honest, I’m alright with that.

I normally try to use humor in my posts but I’m not feeling very humorous – I’ve just watched the video of a turtle with a straw up its nose (the link’s at the end of the post.) and it’s kind of killed my mood.

If you know that every piece of plastic ever created still exists…… if you know that it’s believed two thirds of the world’s fish are suffering from plastic ingestion….. if you understand that by the time today’s UK primary school children finish their education there will be more plastic in the sea than fish…. If you know this and you still chose to have a plastic straw in your drink, then yes, I judge you.  And if you didn’t know before then, well, you do now.  There are plenty of alternatives now so you don’t even have to give up the straw to avoid the plastic (some here).

“No straw please” – three words, it’s really that simple.  And when the waiter forgets and gives it anyway, return it, “sorry but we don’t want the straw”.  You’ve made the point, you’ve not been rude, someone will have heard and there’s a good chance they’ll wonder why you said it.  They might even ask you why and they might start using those same three words themselves.

There’s unnecessary plastic everywhere and we could all do huge amounts to cut it down but I understand that life goes on.  There are choices to be made by all of us every day and while I might not understand or support all your choices, I accept them (after all, who the hell I am not to) but this one?  This one no. I have never heard a good justification for using a plastic drinking straw. The closest I’ve heard is that some drinks effect teeth but, I can’t see that one flying when we talk to our grandchildren about the state of the planet we’ve created for them.

I believe that when a person knows those facts above and chooses to use a plastic straw they are saying that they value that tiny increase in their drinking experience pleasure more than they value the planet.  Who prioritizes things in that order?  What does it say about a person who makes that choice? You have to really hate every child you’ve ever met to think that that’s ok.

If you’re still not convinced.  Watch this.  Don’t be eating whilst you do it though.  I can’t watch the whole thing.  It makes me want to cry and vomit and scream.  There is swearing on this video but it’s not the language that is offensive here.

2 thoughts on “Yes, I am judging you”

Steve Darlington

Please confirm you are vegetarian, because the appalling suffering inflicted on animals by discarded plastics is nothing compared to the daily slaughter of animals for human consumption.

    Helen Wright

    You’re completely right and I’m sorry to say that I’m not. I have full respect for vegetarians and serious hats off to vegans as I think dairy is a major environmental problem as well; in terms of immediate environmental impact I do believe veganism is the best option. I’m very picky about my meat (I know the farm and the farming methods) and I’m working towards cutting down my meat consumption but in the mean time, I’m doing what I can and plastics is a bigy for me. I think it’s important we all make the steps we can.

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